Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Puppy Day Two

Hmmmm after a not so restful night of sleep, I wake up to the new.... puppy whining.. in what I hope is the need to go outside. Off I scurry to get on my boots and coat while he patiently waits by the front door... He knows the drill.... Go outside, do business, come back in.... we almost have it down pat by now. Considering I took him out what seemed like at least 7 million times overnight when in reality it was only say 3 times he is probably getting the idea. Genna and I start our day.. Get up rush around get out the door.. adding the puppy into the equation takes a bit of work, however he is headed to the vet(still without a name) I might add. Off to school, work, and vet we go. All is well he checked out like a champ and our new name.... Are you ready..... it is RILEY.... flows off the tongue ..... Here Rileyyyyyy Rilllleeyyyy come here boy, or NO RILEY, drop it.... these are criteria for naming pets. The name must flow when being called or scolded. Riley is now sporting his new navy dog collar with the paw prints and matching leash. We are still working out the logistics of same said puppy but I feel he is becoming a member of the JHF family. When we get home from the vet it is time for the little guy to get the full farm experience. Now keep in mind Riley is 6 weeks old.. full of energy but only 6weeks. Here we go headed to the barn where he meets, all 4 cats, Fred, Ziggy, Milo, and Otis... none of them ready for the little bundle of energy that is know as Riley. Sammy the patriarch dog of the crew sniffs and deems him not worthy of his opinion, Rosie is not so happy about the addition, Chewy is not sure what to think and last but not Least Little Foot has decided that all in all he is not bad for a newbie. We walk through the barn and back to all the pastures and back to the house. Riley is with me step for step... Who knew he would be able to keep up. The ulterior motive was to wear him out for a restful nights sleep.... We can only hope......

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