Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Reflection... I think I'm on the right track

As a parent you want to raise your children right, but right in whose eyes? In the current culture we live in there are so many theories about the "Right" way and the "Wrong" way to raise your child. To punish or not to punish, corporal or the time out corner. Everywhere you turn there are fanatics on all sides. I decided long ago that I wanted to raise my child(ren) in the country, specifically on a farm. Away from the hustle and bustle where children could play, be outside, and enjoy nature. There are drawbacks to this of course but I feel the positive influence of being raised on a farm with a solid work ethic, knowing that no matter what the weather there are animals that need and depend on us for their care and well being. Putting another living creatures health and well being ahead of your own wants. Empowering our children to make decisions based on what they have learned from us as parents. For our child(ren) to be held accountable for their choices, positive and negative, would serve them well in the "REAL WORLD". I would like to think every parent strives to teach their children right from wrong with positive influences to back them up in these teachings. As our children grow up and hit those pre-teen and the dreaded teenage years it is nice to see some small reflection in them of what they have been taught. Not one prodded out of them because they think that is what we as parents wants to hear but an honest moment of clarity that you get, just a fleeting glimpse even they don't realize it. I was blessed with such a moment this week. My twelve year old daughter Genna is studying poetry in school. One of her assignments was writing different types of poems. All of her poems are good but this one touched my heart. With her permission, I will share her poem with you now. I have made plenty of mistakes as a parent. This list is way to long to write, however in this single season of her life I think I am on the right track . I could not be more proud than I am right now. The assignment was to write an "I AM" poem:


I am country and a girl
I wonder how the world naturally revolves around the sun
I hear my favorite country song at school
I see God everywhere
I want to see the true in people
I am country and a girl
I pretend there aren't any limits
I feel loved
I touch peoples hearts
I worry about the drought during harvest season
I cry for fallen soldiers
I am country and a girl
I understand I can't have everything I want
I say God is real
I dream about owning my own farm
I try my best in everything I do
I hope you get whatever you want
I am country and a girl
written by Genevieve Huttar 1-24-13

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